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"No one service provider can deliver consistent performance everywhere. For businesses that utilize the Internet, solutions that route traffic around congestion are needed for optimal performance. netVmg's solution addresses the limitations that currently exist on the public infrastructure by allowing business to monitor network performance and bypass congested routes for reduced costs."

David Passmore, The Burton Group

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netVmg's Flow Control Platform (FCP) puts you in the driver's seat

Take control of your network resources with:

  • Consistent, predictable Internet performance
  • Significant savings on bandwidth and management costs
  • Real-time data on traffic flow, to better troubleshoot and monitor ISPs

The problem

Internet failures and congestion have led many companies to the use of multiple ISPs or multi-homing. But "multi-homing" can be expensive; and, although it avoids downtime by providing redundancy, it does not address congestion-related problems that occur in the "middle-mile" backbone networks linking the first mile of Internet to the last.

To route traffic through the middle-mile, multi-homed enterprises have only the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Without taking cost or Internet congestion into account, BGP simply chooses routes with the fewest hops, which tend to be the most expensive.

As a result, your existing traffic remains costly and unpredictable, and you don't trust the Internet to handle your mission critical applications.

Beyond redundancy

Now, the FCP's intelligent route control lets you go beyond mere redundancy to closely manage both cost and performance by:
  • Passively measuring end-to-end traffic performance in real-time
  • Detecting any exceptions to your cost and performance traffic routing policies
  • Directing traffic to better paths by issuing BGP route updates to your router
You get not only more predictable performance but lower costs - and an up-to-the-minute window on network activity to help you troubleshoot more efficiently.

The road to substantial savings

For large enterprises and content providers that use the Internet for outbound distribution of content to diverse Internet destinations, the FCP can significantly reduce Internet bandwidth costs by distributing outbound content flows over less expensive ISP links, while maintaining predictable traffic delivery performance.

Similarly, for enterprises that use the Internet primarily for IP-based VPN connectivity to remote branch offices, the FCP can reduce Internet bandwidth costs by intelligently distributing VPN traffic over the most cost-effective ISP links that satisfy minimum end-to-end application performance criteria. If private-line, frame relay, or ATM network links have been deployed to branch offices in conjunction with Internet IP VPNs, the FCP can reduce or eliminate expensive private network usage for many corporate applications, by intelligently load-balancing corporate traffic across private and Internet IP VPN links based on end-to-end performance and cost.

In either of the above scenarios, your route control technology must be able to scale effectively in order to deliver maximum cost-savings. The FCP offers un-matched scalability, due to the platform's use of:
  • passive and active measurement techniques for identifying and resolving potential policy violations; and
  • flexible hardware configurations that can be upgraded or expanded to satisfy a range of flow processing requirements, from small remote branch offices to the largest content provider sites on the Internet.
Clear visibility and a full dashboard of controls

The FCP's measurement and monitoring tools, which include a wide range of flexible reporting options, enable you to:
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently. When a problem occurs, real-time data on traffic flow will immediately show if it is a network problem.
  • Select, monitor, and negotiate with ISPs more effectively. With a window on bandwidth and peak usage, you can monitor provider performance and determine how much bandwidth you really need.
And by enabling network engineers to be more efficient, the FCP allows them focus on more strategic work, with greater long-term pay-offs.
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