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Health Care Writing

I have been writing business-to-business health care copy — including brochures, web pages, articles, user stories, print ads, direct mail, sales letters, and newsletter content — for over 20 years.

When a company called Status One (which offers hospitals a treatment program for high-risk patients) was running out of time and couldn't get the copy it wanted after having worked with a writer for over two months, I was brought in and given just two days to study a thick set of background materials and come up with all the major heads and subheads for a new website.

The client was very happy with the results, which later became the basis for a brochure (see the Status One sample below).


Recent business-to-business assignments have included writing a brochure for Omnicell (maker of automated medicine-dispensing equipment for hospitals), web pages for a medical practice management and EHR software company, a diagnostic equipment case study for DTx, Inc. (an Original Design Manufacturer), and a case study describing Boston-based Partners HealthCare's use of EMC's content management software for its clinical decision support.

My proposals include a 100% money-back guarantee, fixed fees, and no charge for revisions.

I'm usually able to offer two or three different approaches to writing and editing your copy, with a range of costs. You choose exactly how much help you need. With web pages, I specify fees for each page, depending on the length, amount of research needed, etc. (For more on my approach to writing web copy, go here.)

If you would like more information or a custom quote on a project, please call or email me.