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Customer Surveys

Let your customers tell your story

Before writing, I often do low-cost qualitative telephone surveys, interviewing six or more of your best customers to confirm your positioning, learn what terms they use to describe your strengths, and get testimonials. You receive verbatim transcripts and a summary of response.

People are more relaxed when talking to a third party, and their spoken comments are more compelling than written testimonials, which tend to be too general and trite.

The interview format allows me to follow up on key points by asking for examples, etc. Then I use selected words, phrases, and details in your marketing materials, often including unattributed quotes and formal testimonials.

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If you like, I can also ask how your products or services can be improved or get feedback on specific changes you may be contemplating.

One survey revealed that customers thought the company was undercharging for its services. The company increased its fees, with positive results, citing the customer survey in its explanation.

Although we present the interviews to your customers as a marketing (rather than customer satisfaction) survey, I find that people are always happy to provide feedback.