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Consulting help for startups,
small businesses, and nonprofits

You’ve just read an article by an expert on what your new website or promotional campaign needs.

It’s a bona fide expert as far as you can tell—but you’re still wondering:

  • Is it really the answer for your organization?
  • Do you have the resources to take advantage of it?
  • What about the video you watched last week where another expert was suggesting a completely different approach?

How do you sort out all the advice you’re getting on strategy, content, and promotion—and make sure what you choose will work best in your current situation?  

These are the kinds of questions I help small businesses and nonprofits answer.

Unlike most experts, I have over 25 years of hands-on experience that spans Facebook, pay-per-click, broadcast, and print advertising, all forms of promotional writing, graphic design, telemarketing, video scripting, webinars, and PR, with a major focus on:

… the development of strategies that work  
best for organizations with limited resources

I haven’t just “managed” projects in all these different media. I’ve personally

  • Written the online, print, and radio ads
  • Made cold calls to test the telemarketing scripts
  • Designed and scripted the promo videos
  • Pitched articles and appearances by my clients to print and broadcast media

So I’m familiar with the nuts-and-bolts details that often determine whether a tactic that sounds so promising in theory is really an option for you.

When you talk with me, you get:

  • Down-to-earth small biz marketing insight, including key insights you won’t find online, aimed at giving you a less costly route to effective promotion, including website structure and content.
  • Real help with decisions on where to focus first, what components you really need, and what to avoid like the plague.
  • Zero B.S. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you immediately. And I’ll tell you what the recommendations I do make are based on so you can come to your own informed decisions.

Two ways I can provide consulting help:

  • If I contract to write web pages or develop a promotional campaign for you, I’m happy to share my expertise with you at no extra cost—unless significant extra research is involved beyond what’s related to the project at hand.
  • I can consult with you for a set number of hours at my hourly rate.

Call or email me for more information or a custom quote.